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Balaji Law College Legal AID Cell

Article 39A of the Constitution Of India Provides for equal Justice and Free Legal Aid:

State shall secure that the operation of the legal system promote justice, on the basis of equal opportunity, and shall, in particular, provide free legal aid, by suitable legislation or schemes or in any other way, to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disablities.

This Article emphasises that free legal service is an inalienable element of ‘reasonable fair and just procedure’, for without it a person suffering from economic or other diabilities would be deprivied of the opportunity for the securing justice.

As a social responsibily and as per the mandates of Bar Council of India, Balaji Law College runs a Lagal Aid Cell which adheres the fundamental policy enshrined in Article 39A of the Constitution of India.

This cell is aimed at disseminating legal awareness amongst the students as well as in the society at large and to help the poor and needy people by extending free legal services through Legal Aid Clinic established by College. The cell is also dedicated to ensure clinical legal education of the students by organising Legal Aid Camps, Jail Visits, Police Station Visits, Lawyer’s Chambers Visits, Court Visits, NGO Visits etc., This Cell is headed by Asst. Prof. Priya Mondal, Balaji Law College.

  1. MD. Abid Khurshid –  B.A.LL.B. V
  2. Balaji Garade –  B.A.LL.B. V
  3. Dinesh Papal –  B.A.LL.B. V
  4. Nehal Yewale – B.A.LL.B. V
  5. Pratik Balkawde – B.A.LL.B. V
  6. Sonali Patel – B.A.LL.B. V
  7. Prachi Ojha –  B.A.LL.B. V
  8. Varsha Nathani –  LL.B. III
  9. Abeer Tiwari – B.A.LL.B. III
  10. Vandana – B.A.LL.B. III
  11. Rajesh Kori –  LL.B. II
  12. Chetna Ghule –  LL.B. II
  13. Prajwal Bhogle –  LL.B. II
  14. Hriday Shetty –  LL.B. II
  15. Rohan Sirsat –  LL.B. II

Activities /Programs

Legal Literacy and Awareness Camp At Village Godumbre

On Tuesday 4th February 2020, Sri Balaji Society’s Balaji Law College organised Legal Aid Camp In Godumbre , Maharashtra.
The following respected dignitaries were invited for the legal Aid Camp:
1. Mr.Vijay Kumbhar Sir (RTI activist) ;
2. Judge . Borande
3. Judge. Gayatri Patil
4. Retired Judge . Adhav Sir
5. Adv. Rathi Sir
Skits was conducted by several participants of the college on various topics
1. The topic of Lok Adalat.
2. The topic of POCSO (The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences)
3. And, the topic of Banking fraud

Legal Literacy and Awareness Camp At Village Khamboli

On Thursday 7th March, 2019, the Legal Aid Cell of Sri Balaji Society’s Balaji Law College organized Legal Aid Camp in Khamboli, Maharashtra.
The following respected dignitaries were invited for the Legal Aid Camp:
1. Mr. Vijay Kumbhar Sir (RTI( Right To Information) activist);
2. Adv. Priti Paranjpe Ma’am (Lok Adalat, Pune District Court);
3. Adv. Prem Rathi Sir (Former State Prosecutor) (Visiting Faculty: Balaji Law College);
4. Adv. Pratik Tendulkar Sir;
5. Adv. Ramkrushna Muste Sir.

Legal Literacy and Awareness Camp At Village Kanhe

On 24th February 2018, Legal Literacy and Awareness Camp was organised by Legal Aid Cell At Village- Kanhe, Taluka- Maval, District- Pune. Ms. H. Y. Kawale (J.M.F.C. Wadgaon Court) and Ms. S. A. Kulkarni (J.M.F.C. Wadgaon Court) marked their valuable presence in this camp. Adv. Preeeti Paranjpe, Advocate for national Legla Service Authority guided the people who have come up with their legal problem. Adv. Lalit Jhunjhunwala and Adv. Vishal Balkawade also dealt with the legal issues of villagers.

Maha Yojana Shibir

On 28th February 2018, 80 Students of Balaji Law College had participated in Maha Yojana Shibir organised by Pune District Legal Service Authority, Pune. Our students acted as volunteers and helped the people in preparation of identity proofs and other necessary documents under the guidance of Officers of Pune District Legal Service Authority.

Police Station Visits

India Police system which is developed on the basis of Police Act 1861 has three basic characteristic .The police force is organized, maintained and directed by several states of Indian Union. The system is horizontally stratified like military forces in different cadres. The police in each state are divided vertically into armed and unarmed branches. The constitution of India provides that the police is a state subject. It is therefore, the state maintain their own police force for maintaining peace and security with in respective territory. Police, lawyers, judges, jail are all part of criminal justice system, so the upcoming lawyers of BLC are trained right from the beginning to know about the administration of the police, courts, jail etc. Under the guidance of Assistant Professor Aarti Tayde students of Balaji College visited different police Stations on 17-Feb-2018. Permission from Commissioner Office was taken to visit 22 police station Group of 4 to 5 students were made and each group was allotted with one police station. Orientation for the visit of polices station was given. Data from different police station was collected on the basis questionnaire prepared.

Following 22 police Stations were visited.

Faraskhana Police Station

Yerawada Police Station

Chaturshringi Police Station

Dighi Police Station

Bhosari Police Station

Vishrantwadi Police Station

Shivaji nagar Police Station

Swargate Police Station

Koregaon Police Station

Hingewadi Police Station

Sangavi Police Station

Nigadi Police Station

Uttamnagar Police Station

Deccan Police Station

Khadki Police Station

Lashkar Police Station

MIDC Bhosari Police Station

Bharti Vidhyapith Police Station

Samarth Police Station

Vishrambaug Police Station

Chinchwad Police Station

Warje Malwadi Police Station

Jail Visits

Balaji Law College had arrange for jail visit twice this academic year one for the final year (dt:23/09/17) and the second visit was arranged for the first year (dt:24/03/18).The students were briefed by Professor Aarti Tayde about the working of the jail administration ,prison reforms, the problems of jails in India. The technical difficulties faced by the police handling the overcrowded jail. There practically the students came to know the problems faced by the jail authorities. The authority inform the students that there are total 1371 jails in India out of which 133 are central jail, 333 are district jails, 809 sub-jail, 44 open jail, 30 special jail, 19 women jails

The women jail at Yerawada is the first separate jail established in India for women’s. the total offenders in jail is 4871 on the day of visit out of that 2323 are convicts, 2326 are under trial, 1363 with charge of murder, 74 lal patti , 37 male and 2 female who are to be executed with death penalty, 29 are transferred from other jails.

Students got an opportunity to talk to the inmates in reformatory where they were making different things. These activities help them to kill their time and simultaneously help the authorities by having better control on them. The jail premises seemed to be peaceful as compared to the rumors in the mind of the students.

NGO Visits

As part of practical training program, prescribed by Savitribai Phule Pune University under the heading of “Public Interest Lawyering, legal aid and Para legal services”,Balaji Law College Legal Aid Cell had organized NGO visits. Students were asked to visit NGO individually and collect data as to how NGOs work, how they help in protecting the fundamental rights of public, how the Government keep check on their activities. How they involve in Para legal services.

List of NGO visited

  • My mother’s home

  • Jivhala Balsangopan Gruh

  • Akanksha Foundation
  • Navakshitij
  • Bal Kalyan Sanstha
  • Shreevatsa child care
  • Aashadeep foundation
  • Anath Mahila Asharam
  • Nachiket Balgram
  • Royal rose foundation
  • Marantha harvest mission
  • Sparsh Balgram
  • Sadabahar foundation
  • Maturacchaya Balakashram
  • Samyak Sankalp
  • Nachiket Balgram
  • SNEH Foundation
  • Annamrita
  • Prerna Bhavan

National Lok Adalat

On 8th September, 2018 National Lok Adalat was organised in every court by National Legal Service Authority under Legal Services Authority Act 1987. Students of Balaji Law College had observed the proceeding of National Lok Adalat in J.M.F.C. Court, Pimpri and J.M.F.C. Court, Khadki.


Legal Aid Cell Orientation

On 27th August, 2018 Legal Aid Cell had organised Legal Aid Cell Orientation. Through the Orientation program the complete mechanism of how Legal Aid Cell Works and how Legal Aid Camps are organised was explained at length. The presentation was presented by our 5th year B.A.LL.B student Nidhi Chauhan under the guidance of Assistant Professor Madhavi More, in charge, Legal Aid Cell. At the end of the program, the certificates were distributed to the students who were the part of Legal Aid Cell and participated in various activities conducted by the Cell.

One of the agenda of legal aid cell is to disseminate legal awareness amongst the students by organising a guest lecture series in each semester. Various guest lectures have organised by the Cell as follows.

Mr.Swanand Galgale Sir had given lecture on “Interrelation between Social Sciences on 29th July. 2017

Adv. A. Satyanarayan, Senior Advocate, Bombay High Court has delivered lecture on Right to Privacy on 12th August, 2017

Dr. Robina Fedricks who is social activist in red light area has delivered a lecture on “Human right violation in red light area” on 17th August, 2017

Supreme Court Advocate Sangram Bhonsale had conducted an interactive session with students on “Advocacy skills” on 19th August, 2017

Gaurav Dogra had provided guidance on “Art of living” on 20th January, 2018

Anand Dattatre Patil(Police Sub-Inspector Hinjewadi police station) has Given Lecture on “Police Administration and role of Police officials” on 3rd February, 2018

As per the directives from Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi, National Stock Exchange (NSE), Mumbai has organized investor awareness program wherein Sudhakar Kulkarni guided students and faculties about GST and its Impact on the society on 30th August, 2017

Adv. Aniruddha Joshi had talked about “National Green Tribunal” on 22nd August, 2017

High Court Practitioner Adv. Lalit Jhunjhunwala addressed students on importance of legal profession in India.

Dr. Preetam Jain had provided valuable guidance on “Theories of Political Science to the 1st year BALLB students on 14th November, 2017

Prof. Praveen Kharat, an expert in Economics had guided 1st year BALLB students on economics in examination point of view on 11th November, 2017

Dr. Shweta Gupta had provided their valuable guidance on “English for law” to the 1st year BALLB students on 14th November 2017

Swapnil Sagane had given his input and insight on different topic related to “Criminology and Criminal Psychology”

Dr. Pratapsinha Salunkhe delivered a guest lecture on Interpretation of Silences under India Constitution on 31st  July, 2018

Dr. Sheetal Babar Delivered a guest lecture on “Alternative Career Options in Law: Beyond the Court” on 21st July, 2018

Adv. Vaibhav Salunkhe has delivered a guest lecture on Cyber Laws and its practicalities on 15th August, 2018

Faculty Advisory Panel

Adv. Sahil Jodhawani
Visiting Lecturer
Member, Legal Aid Cell

Shubha Pillai

Visiting Lecturer,

Balaji Law College, Pune

Member, Legal Aid Cell

Sangeeta Verma
Assistant Professor,
Member, Legal Aid Cell

Anshuman Yadav
Visiting Lecturer,
Balaji Law College, Pune
Member, Legal Aid Cell

Associated advocates for consultation and referral of disputes

  1. Adv. Lalit Jhunjhunwala
  2. Adv. Vishal Balkawade
  3. Adv. Somaskandan Iyer
  4. Adv. Sahil Jodhwani
  5. Adv. Shubha Pillai

Disclaimer: The content of this website is meant to give general information about Balaji Law College Legal Aid Cell and is not intended in any way to be a form of advertisement or solicitation of work.

Contact Information

Legal Aid Cell
Balaji Law College,
Aundh- Ravet BRT Road,
Tahtawade, Pune 411033
Email: blclegalaidc@gmail.com
Legal Aid Application Form
Legal aid may be sought from the Legal Aid Cell by filling up an APPLICATION FORM and sending it to above mentioned postal address or email address.

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