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Class Activities & Pedagogy

Balaji Law College believes in imparting legal education with combination of different teaching and learning patterns. The following are various such student centric – and participative methods followed in the law teaching

  1. Socratic Pedagogy
  2. Case study method
  3. Seminar method
  4. Class debates
  5. Workshops
  6. Moot courts
  7. Mock and trials and Parliaments

Student Cells

Moot Court Cell

Moot Court Cell of Balaji Law College is a student driven Cell under the supervision and guidance of the faculty in-charge. The cell is instrumental is training and honing the mooting and advocacy skills of the students. It hosts and oraganises the internal rounds of moot to create the pool of talents to be sent for representing the College in inter-collegiate Moot Court Competition.

Legal - AID Cell

The Legal aid Cell tries to imbibe the professional spirit in the students of contributing to the social cause. As it is a duty of every lawyer to provide legal-aid and assistance, the students of Balaji with the assistance of the faculty and practicing lawyers provide free legal advice to the needy people. They also organize various legal-aid camps and activities to sensitise the people about their legal rights.

Placement Cell

Placement Cell is a Cell that provides assistance to the students in finding internships and placements in the area of interest. The cell aims at training the advocacy skills and presentation skills of the students to match them with the requirements of the Legal fraternity and society.

Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Cell

Work hard and play hard is the moto of Balajians, hence apart from rigorous teaching learning and mooting activities, the students manifest their artistic skills.The extra-curricular and co-curricular cell is responsible for hosting and arranging various cultural, and sports activities.

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